Engine Diagnostics & Fault Finding

 Starting from £40.00 + VAT


What is a vehicle diagnostics test?

As trained and experienced mechanics, we are able to diagnose and find faults with vehicles to be able to advise you what repair(s) are required on your vehicle.

Many problems we can locate and diagnose through our mechanical eyes and ears but many modern vehicles contain very clever built in computers (also known as ECUs) which produce hundreds of error codes whenever something isn’t quite right.

All these codes can be read by our specialist code readers.  This equipment uses live data meaning it can also identify issues behind the scenes that aren’t visible or known to the driver.

Our vehicle diagnostics and call out fee starts from £40 + VAT.   

This is an integrated service (call out charge and diagnosing faults) where our mechanics will come out to you. 

We will then be able to advise what repair(s) are required and can also provide a quote for us to conduct the necessary work.

Your very own personal car mechanic